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What Our Clients Say

All the lawyers and staff at our firm are concerned about the consequences of litigation on our clients and their families. The focus of ROOP XANTTOPOULOS BABOUNAKIS PLLC is to preserve what is good in your family. We care about our clients, and do not see them as “cases.”

We invite you to read some of the testimonials we have received from our clients.

“Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis are creative problem solvers with an unmatched ability to settle or litigate complex valuation issues in equitable distribution cases.”


“Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis is an outstanding practice in family law. They are dedicated to their clients’ needs, timely and responsive to questions, thoughtful in their advice, and knowledgeable about options. The firm’s extensive experience in family law goes a long way in helping their clients successfully navigate complex legal issues that come up in matters of divorce. Throughout my time as a client, it was clear that my concerns and priorities were important to them and they worked carefully and diligently on my behalf to address them. Without hesitation I would recommend Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis to anyone who is seeking legal assistance in a family law matter.”


“Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis is very professional and respectful to the client’s personality and needs.”


“Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis handled my divorce, and Jennifer Babounakis was my attorney. My experience with this firm was absolutely excellent. While the divorce was not overly contentious, there were some complex settlement issues, which Jennifer handled with immense creativity, skill and professionalism. She was a terrific advocate, always accessible, and she earned and still has all of my trust. I would recommend this firm and Jennifer in particular to anyone who asked for a reference.”


“I am so happy that I selected Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis to represent me in my divorce. From start to finish, they advocated for me in every way. It was a long journey to get divorced, but I would recommend them to anyone who has made the difficult decision to end their marriage.”


“I used Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis for a custody case in which another law firm told me it was basically impossible to win. I had my day in court with my ex and prevailed.”


Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis attorneys were compassionate and professional during a very difficult time.”


“I selected Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis because I knew David Roop was a decent, smart, hard-working human being who surrounded himself with like individuals. The tenacity, sincere care and strategic thinking that I experienced with his partner Jennifer Babounakis were the reasons the court results were so very positive for my situation. The complexity and sensitivity of my case demanded extreme analysis, careful decision-making, and patience, which Ms. Babounakis supplied with a steady hand as she guided me through.”


“I was very fortunate to find Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis when I found myself in divorce situation. My case wasn’t very difficult however it wasn’t very straightforward either. When I met Mr. Xanttopoulos I was bit concern as he seemed so young and only few years under his belt. But very soon I realized he was the best choice I made having someone representing me. He was not only very knowledgeable of the law but very kind and personable.”


“Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis worked diligently to assist me in my needs while also working to minimize my costs and seek an outcome that was fair for all involved. I would highly recommend this firm!”


“The representation afforded to me was thorough, specific, customized, and well-executed. It was clear from the outset that Alex Xanttopoulos was well-equipped to handle my family matter in the Fairfax County legal system. The time and energy put into the preparation of my case was immeasurable and because of the commitment of my counsel, my outcome was successful. I have complete faith and trust in this firm and recommend Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis without reservation.”


“Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis’ legal expertise and skills are excellent. Alex Xanttopoulos routinely goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I feel comfortable and to give me great advice during my recent divorce. The firm has excellent responsiveness and communication skills. Alex would routinely gets back to me on any issue within a day or two. He makes himself available to me outside of regular work hours. Alex of Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis is very understanding of my needs.”


“I retained Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis seven years ago when I was going through a nasty custody issue with my ex-husband. The attorneys at this firm were brilliant, professional and sensitive to my concerns regarding the well-being of my children. Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis does their best to establish peace between parties, but they know when to fight to protect my rights and the rights of my children. They are the best Family Law firm in the DC area!”


“Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis is top-notch. The attorneys and staff are knowledgeable and responsive. David Roop was instrumental in helping me get through a very tough year of my contentious divorce. He is a terrific strategist. I was up against my estranged spouse, an attorney himself, represented by a highly litigious attorney who is only interested in racking up billable hours. David helped me navigate through the treacherous traps set by the other side, and I could not have survived that year if it weren’t for him.”


“Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis was extremely professional and treated me with understanding during a very difficult time in my life. They handled my case efficiently and were conscious of my financial concerns.”


“I’ve worked with every lawyer at Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis, and they are universally thoughtful, highly strategic, and able to educate clients about different options and approaches. If you have a complex equitable distribution case with business valuation issues, there are few who can match Dave Roop’s knowledge of the complex intersection of the law and technical aspects of business valuation.”


“Alex and his entire team at Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis were kind, thoughtful, professional, compassionate, organized, honest, courteous, patient, understanding, diligent, trustworthy, and very personable. They were flexible with our meeting times, and I never had to sit around the office waiting on my appointment. Their office was clean and welcoming. I always felt very confident with them. I would highly recommend them to anyone. They absolutely deserve to be considered one of the best firms in the area!”


“David Roop is excellent! He is not only smart, but very kind, compassionate, and understanding. You walk in looking for legal representation, and you walk out feeling like you have a new friend. Every member of the team at Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis was very professional and accommodating. I highly recommend them!”


“The Roop Law Firm was excellent in handling my divorce. David Roop is brilliant. His intuition and insight was spot-on, and he and his firm gave me confidence that my case would be handled in the best way possible, and that I could feel secure with them. After interviewing several firms initially, I believed the Roop Law Firm would be the best fit possible for me. I was very pleased that that hunch of mine proved to be correct.”


“David Roop and staff were very knowledgeable and efficient. They were flexible with me on payment as well.”


“I’ve had a great relationship with the Roop Law Firm. I can always count on them to represent my best interest – and they have continued to do so since our first meeting three years ago. Here you receive intelligence and common sense in one package. They are a great firm!”




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