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What Our Clients Say

All the lawyers and staff at our firm are concerned about the consequences of litigation on our clients and their families. The focus of ROOP XANTTOPOULOS BABOUNAKIS PLLC is to preserve what is good in your family. We care about our clients, and do not see them as “cases.”

We invite you to read some of the testimonials we have received from our clients.

“In difficult times, Alex of Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis has been a pleasure to work with. I feel like he has been honest with me from the start and treats my situation with the utmost importance.”


“I am very happy with the support and outcome that Jennifer Babounakis and the supporting team at Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis were able to achieve in my case. They kept me focused on the long term outcome and helped navigate the process. If there are any future issues for my situation, I will certainly be reaching back out to them for help.”


“As people are entering what will typically be one of the toughest times of their lives, the challenge is finding lawyers that truly have your best interest at heart. The system, unfortunately, incentivises fighting, chaos, fear, and anger; it validates the emotions of the customer, and lines the pockets of the lawyers. Fortunately, I can say that was never the case with Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis. From the beginning, the goal was the same: what is the safest and sanest way to resolve my issues while protecting me and my children. Even so, when things became tense, it was clear that they were more than capable of handling confrontation and had my complete confidence if we needed to go to court. Luckily, we did not. As I am at the age where, sadly, so people are going through divorce, I can tell you many, if not most, of the stories are the same: lawyers fanning the flames and squeezing their clients financially. That never happened here. Quite the opposite. Their office is very well run and their lawyers are all extremely competent. This is the only firm I have recommended, and will continue to do so. Please accept this as my highest recommendation for professionalism, ethics, and competence.”


“Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis does not aim to litigate for the sake of litigating. They aim to resolve matters in an equitable and civil manner, while looking out for my best interest. I like the fact that I can throw ideas at them and they will strategize with me and think outside the box in order to arrive at the best and strongest legal approach/argument for my case.”


“I have a years’ long relationship with Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis, so I can speak to their professionalism and understanding of family law. During my initial interview, David Roop spent extended time with me and asked probing questions in order to understand the intricacies of my case. Alex Xanttopoulos was my attorney through years of litigating a contentious, adversarial divorce. He always kept the greater goal in mind, even when I could not. I value both his calm counsel and tenaciousness on my behalf. Jennifer Babounakis, while not my attorney, knowledgeably and confidently assisted in my case if Alex was unavailable. I appreciate Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis and would recommend them to anyone seeking a family law firm.”


“I worked exclusively with Alex Xanttopoulos at Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis. He is as close as an attorney gets to “really care for you and your family”, being upfront, about disclosing likelihood of outcomes, and cost estimates, and worthiness of a particular legal path chosen. There have been many times where I got fired up and wanted to take a legal action, which would be in firm’s financial interest, but Alex calmed me down, keeping my children’s interest at heart. Among mostly corrupt legal system, where attorneys are incentivized to create work for themselves by increasing conflict between ex’s, it is hard to find an attorney like him. Alex is a hard to find gem.”


“I feel very fortunate that I picked Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis. Like so many, when it was time to go through this process the stress was dizzying. It is impossible to overstate how much of a difference they have made in my life and my children’s. What sets them apart? Dave sets the tone for the entire office; they are honest and fair, accessible and thorough, kind and understanding, legally outstanding and absolutely capable of whatever strength may be necessary to protect your interests. I never once felt “nickel and dime’d” which is, sadly, unique compared to everyone else’s experiences that I have shared. Short story? I trust them, completely, and cannot give a higher recommendation.”


“I had the privilege of being represented by David Roop during a very trying and tumultuous period in my life. I could not have asked for a better counselor, lawyer and friend. I would highly recommend David Roop and Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis to any of my friends and colleagues.”


“Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis has done an outstanding job on a challenging case.”


“I had a wonderful experience with the Roop Law Firm. They were very clear about the process and made a very difficult time much easier and less stressful, which I greatly appreciated. I highly recommend them.”


“Mr. Xanttopoulos and his staff Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis were considerate and most kind during the stressful process of negotiating an acceptable separation agreement. Mr. Xanttopoulos is highly knowledgeable of the many variations and complications that each marriage and settlement incurs. He provided honest and clear advice which allowed me to receive the best resolution with the least adversarial actions by my spouse.”


“Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis is a fantastic firm. I have the utmost respect for David Roop. He helped me through an incredibly contentious divorce with carefully crafted legal and financial management strategies. My ex is an attorney himself and represented by an aggressive attorney who has no care about the human destruction she and her client inflicted. I successfully prevailed in the end with David’s help. He set me on the right, carefully calculated course and kept me calm during moments of utter insanity. David brings a human element to an inhumane process. David was a lifesaver, and I highly recommend David Roop and his firm for anyone going through a divorce.”


“My attorney at Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis was great in every way. She cared about myself and my children. She was knowledgeable and gave excellent advice. I literally trusted her to make my financial decisions and life decisions. She looked out for the best interest for my children at a time when I emotionally didn’t have anyone else to trust or turn to. I have already referred four different friends to her, and I will continue to use her in years to come.”


“Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis was professional and responsive to my questions and needs. They were especially helpful during a very difficult time in my life.”


“Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis is amazing. They were able to effectively manage my case above my expectations. As a professional service provider, my standards are high with respect to what I demand out of others. They met and exceeded my expectations. Alex’s ability to keep me on the path was incredible. I highly recommend Alex and Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis.”


“Alex Xanttopoulos at Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis is a great divorce lawyer. He is practical and will not have you throwing good money away. He is fair and firm and can get tough when needed. I recommend Alex to others often and will continue to do so.”


“I had a wonderful experience working with Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis. Alex and his team were great and very understanding.”


“I could not be happier about choosing Alex Xanttopoulos to represent me. I was thoroughly impressed the entire time with Alex’s knowledge and his abilities as a family attorney. He always took the time to explain everything that was happening and all my options moving forward without his knowledge and opinion there is no way I would have been able to navigate through such a difficult time. Alex had a game plan the entire time and did what he could to prevent having to litigate, But once that was not possible he was already ready with a plan for trial. Once in the courtroom it was clear his skills as a litigator are second to none. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of Alex and everyone else at Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis I had the pleasure to work with, they really helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life.”


“Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis did splendidly in representing me in a family matter in Northern Virginia while I was living out of state. Alex Xanttopoulos was instrumental in obtaining a settlement on a complex, bureaucratically entangled issue involving a former spouse and entitlements from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. His expertise and understanding of how to resolve the issue was very impressive. And his timeliness in responding to matters brought to his attention was outstanding. I was also very impressed with his firm’s support staff, which was always polite, professional and competent. I would not hesitate to engage Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis for any family law issues in the future.”


“I commissioned honorable counselors to help my wife and I take custody of our grandchildren from both of their parents. I was inspired by the dedication and commitment of David Roop and Alex Xanttopoulos and the level of skill they brought to bear. David and Alex defined the strategy and knew exactly what to do and when to do it. Alex conducted the trial and was masterful at discerning what direction to take the testimony of witnesses. We were awarded full legal and physical custody with complete discretion over visitation. The outcome could not have been better for the children involved.”


“David Roop at Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis and his masterful command of legal knowledge coupled with willingness to work creatively outside the normative formulas made him an excellent ally in my family law matters.”




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