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Child Support and Maintenance Lawyers VA

The Virginia courts can order a party to pay child support, either temporary or permanent, for the maintenance of a child. Child support is a non-taxable payment that cannot be deducted by the payor. Parties may enter agreements regarding the payment of child support, but such agreements should usually be incorporated into a court order. The courts generally apply statutory guidelines to determine child support and maintenance awards, unless a deviation is warranted under Virginia Code Section § 20-108.1 (1950, as amended).

We use our expertise to evaluate a party’s child support obligations and needs, by considering the respective gross income and the expenses of the parties, the needs of the children, and other relevant circumstances.

We encourage clients to incorporate any agreement into an order from a court of competent jurisdiction to enable proper enforcement. We also have vast experience assisting clients with support cases that have complex jurisdictional issues.

The attorneys at ROOP XANTTOPOULOS BABOUNAKIS & KLAM PLLC will bring their experience, empathy and talent to work for the best interests of you and your family. If you would like to request an appointment, please contact our family law firm by calling 703.442.0040, or by sending us an email.



If you would like to request an appointment please contact our family law firm by calling (703) 442-0040
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