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Mediation FAQS

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process where parties attempt to bring about a settlement through the intervention of a neutral third party professional (a mediator). Mediation can be appropriate and result in a significant cost savings in many cases involving custody, visitation, support and equitable distribution (asset and debt division), and can be done with or without one’s own lawyer being present at the time of negotiation.

The primary benefit of mediation over litigation is the ability of parties to resolve their differences without undergoing an adversarial and acrimonious court case. Mediation tends to create an environment and outcome whereby the parties reach an agreement on these challenging issues and allows them to move forward without the enmity created through a litigated case.

It can be beneficial to know what your rights are prior to going to mediation. At The Roop Law Firm we can advise you as to rights, as well as potential outcomes. Often it makes sense to have your lawyer present at your mediation to help assist as you going through this difficult process.

The attorneys at The Roop Law Firm will bring their experience, empathy and talent to work for the best interests of you and your family.



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