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When you are involved in dealing with issues that constitute the fundamental issues in our lives like separation, divorce, finances, and property division, these issues frequently bring intense anxiety about the future.  Our divorce lawyers in Fairfax, VA at ROOP XANTTOPOULOS BABOUNAKIS & KLAM PLLC are committed to the skilled and compassionate handling of divorces can lead to settlements that meet the needs of our clients and their children.  We do not stir up the animosity and contentious environment involved in family law cases.  We attempt to use a problem-solving approach to diffuse unnecessary conflict.  However, we are qualified and motivated to litigate issues in pursuit of our clients’ interests and the protection of their children.  If you have questions about divorce or other family law matters in Fairfax, VA, we invite you to speak to the divorce professionals at our law firm to learn how we can assist you in navigating the road to the best outcome for you and your children.

Many divorces can be resolved with a mutually agreeable settlement without the need for extensive litigation or trial.  Judges will consider a range of factors when making custody and visitation orders, determining spousal support, or crafting an equitable distribution of marital property.  The court usually will defer to the parties when they reach a settlement and submit a properly executed property settlement agreement (PSA).

Although you might have negotiated such an agreement with your spouse, you should still talk to a seasoned and experienced divorce lawyers in Fairfax, VA.  Legal advice could ensure that you understand your rights and inform your negotiations by educating you regarding the range of outcomes if a judge were to decide certain issues.  Your lawyer also can make sure your agreement does not contain provisions that are not permissible, which might delay finalization of your divorce.  For example, parents cannot agree to waive child support as part of the financial settlement in a divorce.  Finally, the attorney can ensure that the PSA is properly executed and accurately reflects the terms of your agreement.

Our divorce lawyers in Fairfax, VA handle many divorce and family law issues that include:

Whether you are already involved in a pending divorce or want to file for divorce, our Fairfax, VA attorneys can guide you through the process while protecting your interests involving a wide range of issues:

Custody/Visitation: If you are a parent facing divorce, your relationship with your children might be your most concerning issue. Unless you and the other parent can construct an agreement, the judge will apply the “best interest of the child standard.”  Our experienced attorneys have extensive knowledge and an understanding of the many subjective factors the judge will consider, so we can persuasively advocate for you and your children.

Division of Property & Debts: The distribution of assets and debts during the divorce process will be based on accomplishing an ‘equitable distribution” based on multiple factors.  Because our lawyers have handled hundreds of divorces, we can represent clients facing complex issues, such as assets with a separate and marital property component (“mixed character assets”), difficult to value assets, high net worth divorces, the waste of marital assets by a spouse, the division of a business, and other challenging issues.

Child Support: Child support will be based on the amount each spouse earns, the custody arrangement, and a few other less significant factors.  Child support is calculated based on the Virginia Child Support Guidelines.  Our Northern Virginia law firm can meet with you to analyze your presumptive child support obligation and discuss whether you have a basis for deviation from the guidelines. We can also discuss how changes in custody orders or your income might merit modification.

Spousal Support: Whether you are the recipient or obligated spouse, the amount of a spousal support award can drastically impact your monthly cash flow. Unlike child support that is fairly predictable based on the state child support guidelines, the size of a spousal support award and length of time it remains in place is based on a subjective set of factors. The Fairfax family law attorneys at our firm have the experience and skill to gather the evidence we need through formal and informal discovery and advocate for your interest.

The attorneys at ROOP XANTTOPOULOS BABOUNAKIS & KLAM PLLC will bring their experience, empathy, and talent to work for the best interests of you and your family. If you would like to request an appointment, please contact our family law firm by calling 703.442.0040, or by sending us an email.

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