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Roop Xanttopoulas Babounakis PLLC Attorneys Named as Washingtonian Top Lawyers

Named as top lawyers, the attorneys at Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis & Klam, PLLC were recently featured in the Washingtonian printed magazine in recognition of their accomplishments.  In the past, the Washingtonian name Top Lawyers, but this past December (2019), they began naming Top Lawyers within 21 specialty practice areas.  Attorneys David Roop Jr. and Alex Xanttopoulos were both named in the most recent release.  In addition to their other awards and recognition, the Washingtonian has awarded them the following:

Attorney David Roop Jr. was awarded the titles of “Top Divorce/Family Lawyer 2019”, “Top Lawyer 2017” and “Top Lawyer 2018”.

Attorney Alex Xanttopoulos was awarded the titles of “Top Divorce/Family Lawyer 2019” and “Top Lawyer 2018”.


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