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Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you might find yourself in a situation where you or a family member needs family law legal representation. Because divorce can be an emotionally taxing experience for any family you will need the best in your corner. if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation then David Roop and his team will fight on your behalf. In general divorce attorneys aren’t necessarily known for bringing people together, but that’s often a vital part of what they do. David Roop came highly recommended as an attorney who works to negotiate different options with his clients. David is a brilliant level-headed attorney who is not going to bully or create additional drama to prolong the process. David is thorough with his attention to detail, he has knowledge of the current case law, a photographic memory and most importantly he thinks out of the box to resolve disputes. Recently for a family member he dug deep in past cases and found a case which resolved a financial dispute. I have the highest regard for him because he is a problem solver not a problem maker. Divorce lawyers shouldn’t be high drama, escalating emotions and stroking egos it is about coming to a resolution so that the family can begin to heal. Unfortunately, life is not always fair and you only get one shot. I would always recommend David Roop and his law firm. They are all you need for the best representation in these difficult family disputes.

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