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“As people are entering what will typically be one of the toughest times of their lives, the challenge is finding lawyers that truly have your best interest at heart. The system, unfortunately, incentivises fighting, chaos, fear, and anger; it validates the emotions of the customer, and lines the pockets of the lawyers. Fortunately, I can say that was never the case with Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis & Klam. From the beginning, the goal was the same: what is the safest and sanest way to resolve my issues while protecting me and my children. Even so, when things became tense, it was clear that they were more than capable of handling confrontation and had my complete confidence if we needed to go to court. Luckily, we did not. As I am at the age where, sadly, so people are going through divorce, I can tell you many, if not most, of the stories are the same: lawyers fanning the flames and squeezing their clients financially. That never happened here. Quite the opposite. Their office is very well run and their lawyers are all extremely competent. This is the only firm I have recommended, and will continue to do so. Please accept this as my highest recommendation for professionalism, ethics, and competence.”

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