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“I came to find The Roop Law Firm through a reference of another lawyer. Alex Xanttopoulos had graciously taken my divorce case as I made my first consultation appointment. Remembering back I was timid and full of uncertainties as what to expect from this situation. Alex was not only experienced but very compassionate about my case. He did not waste any time and had a good plan for our case. Not once did I feel that I was just a number for him rather he gave his full attention to my case. He had answers to all my legal questions and helped me get through the ordeal. His communication skills are excellent and he is very thorough with his work. His level of expertise is high as he knows the family cases very well. He has been very effective in responding to all my enquiries and on time. The staff at Roop Law is also worth mentioning! Everyone there works as a team and always there to help you. I am so glad that I found Roop Law on my side during my legal battle.”

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