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Divorce and litigation

Reston, VA Divorce Attorneys

Making a Difficult Time Easier – Divorce Lawyers in Reston, VA

Our Reston, VA divorce attorneys know that our clients facing divorce would prefer not to need our legal services.  The prospect of deciding what to do with the family home, creating custody plans, and deciding spousal support payments are not tasks anyone embraces.  At ROOP XANTTOPOULOS BABOUNAKIS & KLAM PLLC, we recognize that a pending divorce is a daunting prospect that causes angst about many aspects of our clients’ lives, such as their relationship with their children and their financial future. Our goal is not to stir up animosity and conflict.  We try to guide our clients toward agreements that resolve issues and prevent unnecessary conflict.  Whether you are facing a contentious custody dispute or just need a Property Settlement Agreement that conforms to your agreement with your spouse, our law firm can explain your rights and options, guide you through the process, and advocate for your interests.

Our experienced and compassionate Reston, VA divorce attorneys take the time to assess our client’s needs and preferences.  We work closely with our clients so that we can assess the right approach for each client.  Some situations can be resolved with a collaborative law approach that avoids much of the adversarial nature of a litigated divorce whereas other situations involve issues that tend to promote contentious litigation, such as allegations of drug or alcohol abuse or child abuse by a parent.  We avoid “tilting at windmills,” which will only run up your legal fees and create animosity that does not encourage constructive co-parenting relationships, but our attorneys at ROOP XANTTOPOULOS BABOUNAKIS & KLAM PLLC are prepared to zealously protect our clients’ rights and pursue their interest all the way through trial.

At our family law firm, our Reston, VA divorce attorneys have decades of collective experience representing clients in a broad range of divorce and family law issues that include:

  • High Asset Divorce
  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Division of Family Businesses or Interest in a Business
  • High Conflict Custody Disputes
  • Collaborative Divorces
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Division of Difficult to Value Assets (e.g. closely held businesses, stock options)
  • Modifications of Custody, Visitation, Spousal Support, and Child Support
  • Post-Judgment Enforcement Proceedings (Contempt)
  • Business Valuations
  • Fault and No-Fault Based Divorces
  • Division or Retirements, Pensions, 401Ks
  • Paternity Actions
  • Property Settlement Agreements
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs)

These are just a few of the types of issues that our law firm handles for clients in Northern Virginia.  We bring our experience, legal expertise, negotiating skills, and effective litigation to many issues for our clients which include:

Child Custody and Visitation: Our Reston, VA divorce attorneys understand the importance of your parental relationship with your children.  We explore the possibility of negotiating mutually acceptable child custody and visitation arrangements.  Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of the best interest of the child factors under Virginia law.  We will work with you to assemble the evidence and witnesses to prevail in a contested custody battle if we cannot reach an amicable settlement.

Child Support Orders: While the amount of child support is based on a presumptive amount based on the Virginia child support guidelines, there are narrow exceptions that might merit deviation from the guideline amount.  Our law firm represents clients in custody disputes, which can have a dramatic impact on child support orders.  We represent clients in the process of establishing parental rights and obligations, as well as the modification of child support.

Spousal Support: Spousal support typically is awarded in divorces of significant length where the incomes of the spouse vary by a wide margin.  The purpose of spousal support is not to punish the paying spouse but to make adjustments for disparity in income caused by a spouse sacrificing educational and career opportunities to focus on domestic and childcare responsibilities.

Equitable Distribution of Property: Our family law attorneys in Reston, VA work with our clients to resolve issues that complicate the task of the judge in determining an equitable distribution of property.  If your spouse is hiding assets, wasting marital property, or undervaluing a family business, our attorneys conduct the appropriate amount of discovery.  We do not simply look at documents that might be misleading, such as tax returns.  Rather, we look at deductions that are misused like meals and entertainment or fictional expenses like depreciation.  Our attorneys will also carefully review credit card receipts, invoices, canceled checks, and other documents that might reveal hidden income or undeclared cash expenditures and expose efforts to manipulate the equitable distribution of property and debts.

The attorneys at ROOP XANTTOPOULOS BABOUNAKIS & KLAM PLLC will bring their experience, empathy, and talent to work for the best interests of you and your family. If you would like to request an appointment, please contact our family law firm by calling 703.442.0040, or by sending us an email.

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