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Since when can an attorney be equal parts compassionate, magician, and pit bull? Meet Jennifer B at Roop Law. Perhaps it is her social work background, or the fact that she genuinely cares, but I have nothing but fantastic praises for her. I initially walked into her office terrified—after all, no one plans on getting divorced—but what I found was not at all terrifying. It was very apparent that the counsel and staff were very seasoned—since divorce was nearly their entire practice; they were experts in their field. Throughout the ordeal Jennifer and Michelle were always pleasant and provided sound advice. At a time when my personal life would compare to train wreck in a third world country, Roop Law kept me focused on the prize. At one point I wanted to throw in the towel and concede, but Jennifer talked me out of it and explained that we had come too far to quit. Sure, it meant more money for her, but it also meant a substantial amount of additional money for me as well. I hope that I never need the services of Roop Law again, but I would 100% recommend them to a friend going through the arduous process that is divorce.

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