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“David Roop and the other members of his firm are truly outstanding family law attorneys. Unlike many family law practices that thrive on litigation and enjoy the large fees that come with it, The Roop Law Firm makes every reasonable effort to settle a dispute that is both fair and peaceful, and does so in a way that avoids time in a court and needless costs for everyone involved. Most importantly, the firm’s attorneys look at a family law case in very “human” terms, not just as a financial matter. They understand the enormous emotional upheaval and damage that a divorce or child custody dispute can inflict on their client, as well as the other side. While The Roop Law Firm attorneys advocate strongly and persuasively for their clients, they work very hard, and in my case, very successfully to avoid or limit the personal and financial damage that too often happens in family law. It’s a great firm with superb attorneys. They are smart and compassionate, which is a rare combination in today’s legal profession.”

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