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“Roop Law is an excellent firm. Also, they had a decent working relationship with opposing counsel which helped expedite the process. My calls or emails were always responded to the same day or within 24 hours. My ex and I had used mediation to set the stage, yet the agreement had to be re-written or clarified in many areas. The entire process was complete in about 3 months. Kudos to Jennifer Babounakis for giving me solid advice—especially when it came down to how we take care of titling the house. I was willing to take a chance and go with my ex-wife’s attorney on how the house was titled and to take my name off the deed. Jennifer said, “I can’t let you do that and if you do, I can’t represent you any longer.” It was that type of strong advice I needed. I was still due equity of $100K in the house I was going to let my ex live in it until my kids finished high school. All went well.”

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